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Hosta Leaf

Gingko Leaf

Fig Leaf Photo

Maple Leaf Photo

Oak Leaf

Fern Leaf

Painted Floors whether you completely cover your wood floor or leave some wood exposed for a multi-dimensional look, painted floors are magnificent!

Greek Key Border (above left) with the Wood Floor border framing the space.

Simply Created Beautiful Effect     (Above right and right)   

Add a Flower to the Intersections for more interest (right). 

Connect areas by lining up the patterns along the threshold.                                                 

Early American Painted Floor

 1800s Home Painted Floor (left & below)

Early American Floor Pattern


 An Amazing Pattern (right)





Striped like a beach towel (left)

A 3-D look for a Galley Kitchen Floor.


               Geometric Patterns in subtle colors for a stunning entryway

Border Pattern based on Italian Pottery (right)

Italian Pottery Border

Van Loan Show House

A rustic Hallway Floor is painted with a Dutch Wood Pattern that plays with one's perception. (left)



Combining Wood Floor, Solid Checks, and Gold Leaf Bullet (right)




Based on Artist's Cut-Paper Painting for an original Design (left)