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Interior Design Illustrations I have been fortunate to work with some fantastic Interior Designers throughout my career and have been hired to create renderings of their projects for the Boston Junior League Showhouse Catalogue, the York Maine Showhouse, and Dering Hall an Online Showhouse for the Boston Design Center.

The first two renderings designed by COD Decorative Painting  NH Show House 2018-Nashua NH         

Left Photo-1st Floor Staff Hall/Entrance  "Command Central" where the Butler would be, near the original Intercom system, to communicate the needs of the family to staff on duty.

Right Photo-2nd Floor Master Bedroom's Hallway  "Ode to NH Trees"  Which consists of a panelled Hallway between the two bedrooms (his and hers), their closets, their sitting room, and the Master Bath. Narrow and panelled walls, perfect to hang original artwork, my Portraits of NH Trees.   This Hallway's arched ceiling is prime for a Distinct Highlight                                                        -A stylized pattern of the Sumac Tree's Flowers and Branches.

!st Floor Servant's Hall/Entrance

2nd Floor Bedroom's Hallway

Boston Junior League Show House in West Newton MA                                                             Twin Parlors Designed by Gerald Pomeroy 







Boston Junior League Showhouse 2012

Dining Room

Designer Kay McKallagat








Boston Junior League Showhouse 2012

The Conservatory

Designer Gerald Pomeroy

Design Markers






York Showhouse 2011

Living Room

Designer Gerald Pomeroy

Design Markers



2015 Dering Hall Online Showhouse for the Boston Design Center                               Dining Room Designer Gerald Pomeroy

Monochromatic Acrylic and Graphite Illustrations (above) for the web page