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Hosta Leaf

Gingko Leaf

Fig Leaf Photo

Maple Leaf Photo

Oak Leaf

Fern Leaf

C.O'D Decorative Painting   ALSO SEE   CODillustration.com 

Specializes in making your Home or Business More Beautiful!
We offer Painted Floors and Furniture, Custom Stencils, Mural Painting, Custom Artwork, and Interior Design Consultation for smooth transitions of Color and Style. 

Hire C.O'D. to do an Interior Design Consultation for your project including room to room Paint Colors, Tile, Lighting, Appliances, and Flooring.             

Calling me before you make mistakes...Saves You Money!

       Painted Floor       Greek Key Painted Floor                   

-Painted Floors  Can be a simple pattern, a beautiful border (above), or with Esher-like Patterns in Paint! (below left)

             Geometric Painted Floor                Geometric Painted Table

-Painted Furniture   Latest Trend  Changing a dated but quality antique into         a Contemporary Treasure with Transparent Glazes and/or Subtle Geometric Patterns.

-Gorgeous Walls   Funky or Sweet!

    Gingko Stencil Pattern        Peter Rabbit Mural

-Children's Murals    Animals my specialty! 

-Custom Stencils for Decorative borders or to cover your walls with a pattern.        I combine airbrush and hand painted highlights to create original designs as quickly as possible    for Reasonable Prices.

Bring Harmony of Color to Your Living Space

On-site Custom Color Tinting  to insure color match with other decorative elements

York ME Show House 2013 (Right) Stairwell walls painted with a pattern that combines color schemes of 1st and 2nd Floor Decor

*Leaf Photos-(left) Series of Leaf Photos                       B&W or Color Available in Print      

York ME Show House